Applications for 夏天 2024, Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 are open on a rolling basis.


年龄: 17- 19 Any student who has finished high school and not yet attended college may be considered.

能力: 8 - 12 This is a special program with limited capacity; please complete your application ASAP.

成本: 2023年秋季+ 2024年春季学费,包括房费 & board, all supplies, field trips, mentorships, and much more is $34,000 for the 4-month semester. All-inclusive tuition for the 6-week 2023 Oxbow 夏天 Art Institute is $16,000. Need and merit-based scholarships are limited for our post-grad program.

申请过程: 间隔期的学生应该遵循Oxbow的做法 标准应用程序 通过填写我们的在线一般申请程序, 我们的第二部分学生和家长问卷, 提交高中成绩单, 并提交任何风格或媒介的自画像. 差距 students are required to complete the 差距 Semester Proposal rather than the standard semester essay prompts.


For a variety of reasons, many students decide to take a gap year after graduating from high school. The Oxbow 差距 Semester is 设计ed for those who are interested in an immersive visual arts experience prior to embarking on their next chapter. This unique program allows mature students to collaborate with professional artists and scholars to direct the course of their own learning in a beautiful setting that is conducive to artistic and personal growth.

Oxbow 差距 Semester students cohabitate together and are allowed more independence and individualized opportunities. 学生可以决定担任工作室助理的领导角色, 在当地组织实习, 或者深入钻研他们设计的长期艺术项目. 作为一小群居民的一部分, gap semester students have an advisor whom they meet with weekly as a group to discuss their progress and set goals. Students also have many opportunities to meet individually with faculty, 顾问, 工作人员, 和导师.

抵达前, students are encouraged to propose a project (or a series of projects) they would like to investigate while at Oxbow. 差距 semester students are encouraged to pursue an identified passion further or experiment with new ideas and techniques for a sustained period of time. This program is a true apprenticeship in which students may choose from an array of topics and skills to focus on. 例子包括:再生农业和园艺, 烹饪艺术, 工作室的技术, 投资组合开发. They work closely with an advisor to map the course of their journey to successfully achieve their goals. Oxbow的教师指导学生从概念到执行.

重点领域可能包括:暗房和/或数码摄影, 电影, 绘画, 画, 版画, 雕塑, 表演艺术, 动画, 多媒体安装, 时尚, 设计, 插图, 创意写作, 政治科学, 食物系统 & sustainability, art as activism, and any other areas students may have interest in.

Upon completion of the Oxbow 差距 Semester students are awarded a certificate of completion, 记叙文, 还有一封推荐信.

The Oxbow 差距 semester is a wonderful way to spend a semester before college, 或者准备申请大学. 这也是培养独立性的好方法, 有纪律的, and self guided studio arts practice that students can carry with them throughout life.




“我已经学会了雄辩地写作和谈论我的艺术, which is something that I never assumed would be as important as I have learned it is. 自从来到这里, 我也一直在使用我的速写本, 要么每天画画,要么每天画画, 这让我能够以一种更非正式的方式磨练我的技能. 提供给我们的日记也是我经常使用的东西, and keeping a notebook regularly is something that I’ll make a regular habit out of after Oxbow. This is a huge step for me, because I’ve always been so horrible about keeping notebooks."


“在Oxbow,随着时间的推移,我的主题变得更加个人化. I think that I was able to use this subject matter and the vulnerability that came with it to explore parts of myself and my life that I previously never had. 在牛津之前, 我只从事摄影工作, but over the course of the semester I was really able to try bigger projects in media that I was not familiar in. 在这学期的课程中, 我完成了绘画方面的大项目, 模拟幻灯片投影, 在视频, and in installation – all new media that I have a newfound love for and will continue to explore beyond Oxbow."


"I always sort of avoid writing about myself because of the intense and mentally taxing reflection process that it involves, but the regular personal narrative writing assignments really helped me overcome that pseudo-writer’s block that I experienced. In high school, I was so used to writing analytical papers or fiction pieces. I am now much more comfortable with writing about myself and my life, which I am so grateful for."

Ayla K.


"I feel I have changed immensely in self confidence and what I am capable of accomplishing. I also have realized I need to fight hard for what I want in life and keep going."


"My greatest success was applying and reaching out to several jobs I wanted throughout the semester as well as accomplishing several projects in mediums I was unfamiliar with. 特别是, 我对我的印刷地图感到非常自豪, 因为整个过程对我来说完全陌生."


"I've learned to printmake, how to slaughter a chicken, and how to sculpt with natural materials. I also learned to conceptualize art instead of making it just because of looks. 我学会了基本的耕作方法, 如何为自己辩护, 以及如何与周围的人互动."


“我对自己的艺术更加自信和探索. 我也已经能够发展概念意义."


"I have been able to explore things I'm really passionate about and see the importance in that instead of just researching topics the teacher presents to us."